Agbara Engineering, where we ignite the power of innovation and expertise to meet the dynamic challenges of the power delivery engineering industry.

At Agbara Engineering, we understand that the backbone of any power delivery system is a robust and efficient transmission network. Our Transmission Engineering services are designed to help you optimize and extend the life of your transmission infrastructure.

Our Transmission Line Engineering services include:

Design and Planning: Our team of expert engineers will design and plan your transmission systems, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Upgrades and Expansion: We can assess and upgrade your existing transmission infrastructure to meet growing power demand while optimizing performance.

Reliability and Resilience: Our services enhance the reliability and resilience of your transmission network, reducing downtime and improving grid stability.

Efficient power distribution is essential for delivering electricity to homes, businesses, and industries. Agbara Engineering specializes in Distribution Engineering services that ensure reliable power delivery to end-users.

Our Distribution Engineering include:

Distribution Network Design: We create robust distribution network designs that maximize efficiency and minimize losses.

Substation Design: Our experts design substations that efficiently step down voltage for safe and reliable distribution.

Smart Grid Integration: We assist in integrating smart grid technologies to enhance distribution network control, efficiency, and reliability.


Substations are the heart of any electrical system, and Agbara Engineering offers Substation Engineering services that ensure the smooth flow of electricity from generation to distribution.

Our Substation Engineering includes:

Substation Design and Engineering: Our team designs and engineers substations for efficient voltage transformation and distribution.

Substation Automation: We implement advanced automation systems that improve the control, monitoring, and performance of substations.

Upgrade and Retrofit: Agbara Engineering can modernize and upgrade your existing substations to meet evolving industry standards.

In a world that increasingly values sustainability, Agbara Engineering provides specialized Renewable Engineering services to harness the power of clean energy sources.

Our Renewable Energy services include:

Solar and Wind Integration: We design, plan, and integrate solar and wind power systems into your existing infrastructure, maximizing energy generation and minimizing environmental impact.

Energy Storage Solutions: Agbara Engineering is at the forefront of energy storage solutions, including battery systems that enhance grid stability and load balancing.

Microgrid Development: We assist in creating microgrids that offer reliable and resilient power supply solutions for isolated or critical facilities.

Why Choose Agbara Engineering?

Expertise and Innovation: Our team comprises experts who are at the forefront of power delivery engineering, ready to deploy innovative solutions for your projects.

Client-Centric Approach: We put our clients at the center of everything we do. Your success is our success, and we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Proven Track Record: Agbara Engineering has a strong track record of delivering successful projects, from small-scale assignments to large, complex undertakings.

Sustainability Focus: We are committed to sustainability and are always eager to incorporate renewable and eco-friendly solutions into your projects.

Full-Service Provider: Whether you need help with transmission, distribution, substations, renewables, or project management, we offer a one-stop solution for all your power delivery engineering needs.

Dedicated Team: Our professionals are passionate about their work, and they will go the extra mile to ensure your project’s success.

Innovative Technologies: Agbara Engineering embraces the latest technologies to ensure your projects are efficient, reliable, and future-proof.


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