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About Us

About us

The Meaning behind our name

The word “agbara” is Yoruba (a West African language) for “power”.

We believe this word symbolizes what our company stands for in so many ways:

1. We are specialized in producing high quality power delivery engineering (transmission, substation, distribution, etc.) solutions.

2. The strength of our company is derived from the power of our team, and our ability to seamlessly blend with and increase the capabilities of our clients.

3. As a certified minority enterprise many of our staff are descended from the continent of Africa and can identify with the gravity and dual meaning of this term.

No matter the meaning of the name, our company houses some of the brightest minds in the power delivery industry and we seek to utilize them every day to bring your project concepts to life. With licensed civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers, as well as technicians and project managers we have the experience to see any project through to completion.

Our goal is to not only create the most innovative, efficient, safe, and effective engineering designs, but also to become an industry leader in the recruitment, retention, and education of minorities and “non-traditional” staff members to our team.  We believe that as we gain more utility partners we become better able to increase our staff size and capacity, while introducing historically under-represented groups to our company and the industry as a whole.

Thank you for your interest in our team.  If you have any questions or would like to partner with us, please reach out via our contact page or

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