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Our Team

Agbara Engineering is not just a company; it’s a community of professionals who are passionate about engineering excellence, sustainability, and making a positive impact. Our strength lies in our exceptional team of professionals who are dedicated to powering progress and empowering communities through innovative engineering solutions. Our leaders continue to drive our mission and shape the future of power delivery engineering.


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We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box, tackle complex challenges, and engineer groundbreaking solutions in the power delivery industry. Our innovative team is at the forefront of creating a brighter, more sustainable future through engineering excellence.

Mentorship and support

At Agbara Engineering, we believe in fostering talent and empowering our “Fresh Faces” through mentorship and guidance. Our team of experienced professionals takes pride in helping the next generation of engineers, designers, and technicians thrive in the industry.


Our team is a reflection of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We celebrate differences and actively promote an inclusive culture where everyone can bring their full selves to work. We believe that diversity is the key to driving innovation and progress.

Founder & CEO

Jamil Newell, a distinguished graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, brings over two decades of invaluable experience to his role as the President and CEO of Agbara Engineering. As a licensed Professional Engineer in ten states, Mr. Newell’s expertise is marked by his extensive work in power delivery engineering, including his tenure as a design engineer for a major utility and various consulting firms.

In his current position at Agbara Engineering, Mr. Newell spearheads the company’s long-term strategy and direction. His responsibilities extend to ensuring the production of high-quality work and the day-to-day mentorship of emerging engineers.

Jamil Newell’s commitment to excellence, coupled with his vast industry knowledge, positions him as a driving force behind Agbara Engineering’s success. His leadership philosophy emphasizes not only technical proficiency but also the mentorship and development of the next generation of engineers, ensuring a legacy of innovation and impact in the power delivery industry and underserved communities.

Syed Rivzi, PMP

Director of Project Management Organization

Craig Cameron, P.E.

Director of Transmission and Distribution Engineering

Jon Hauser, P.E.

Director of Substation Engineering

Cesar Escobar

PM/Substation Engineering Lead

Danny Aramouni, P.E.

Project Manager

Junaid Rizwan, P.Eng

Project Manager

Ivan Sanchez, P.E.

Transmission Line Engineering Lead

John Woolley, P.E.

Transmission Line Engineering Lead

Nicholas Parente, P.E.

Transmission Line Engineering Lead

Andres Ramirez, P.E.

Transmission Line Engineering Lead

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Be a part of a team that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in power delivery engineering, transmission line design, substation engineering, distribution engineering, program management and renewable energy.